Dr. Inga Johnson


Dr. Inga Johnson is an extraordinary woman. She is an entrepreneur; philanthropist; author; publisher; marketplace leader; public speaker; strategist; mentor; coach; instructor; and survivor. Despite life’s many challenges, Dr. Inga has been a lifelong, “Restart and Win” advocate and has achieved a trove of accomplishments as evidence of her resolute determination that is as big as her heart.


As a master coach and trainer, Dr. Inga instructs individuals on how to turn their gifts into professional practice and enterprise realities. As an expert business consultant, strategist and instructor, Dr. Inga specializes in turning entrepreneurial ideas and existing businesses into seven-figure ventures.


As an author, publisher and branding consultant, Dr. Inga specializes in content compilation, task management and all media publishing for the local; hidden; overlooked; and up and coming throughout the world.


This is only a portion of a rendering of the person whom Dr. Inga has become.


Nearly two decades ago, Dr. Inga made a bad business decision while carrying the responsibility of ensuring that many around her were taken care of except herself. This resulted in a negative impasse for seven months that left her with “keys” that once gave her access to everything now these “keys” opened no doors. This series of events altered her entire life, lifestyle, and career.


Dr. Inga’s road to recovery and success has given Dr. Inga a passion and compassion for people to succeed. She created a nonprofit that meets people right where they are and helps them walk similar, time proven steps to success, which, in turn has helped to make our local communities and overall society better.


Making It Happen Charlotte, “Restart Your Life” through social-entrepreneurial intervention and philanthropy, leverages the playing field for any person, regardless of race; age; sex; or creed who are in need of a hand up not a hand out because of negative impasses; lack of resources; lack of training; or life skills.


It is one thing to affect the world with brilliant, innovative entrepreneurial ideas, but it is another to change the world for the better through acts of charity or philanthropy. Dr. Inga partners with like-minded individuals, companies, and sponsors who are willing to use their social influence and financial and other resources to give back to those whom are less fortunate.


Dr. Inga now lives and leads to leave a legacy by offering a sense of purpose and philanthropy to help others MAKE BIG THINGS HAPPEN!